Pathways to Education/Employment

Assessments are made against units of competency.
  • Participate in safe work practices (SITXWHS101)
  • Read and respond to routine workplace information (FSKRDG10)
  • Use beginning whole number skills and money up to one hundred for work (FSKNUM01)
  • Interact with customers (SITXCCS202)
  • Write simple workplace information (FSKWTG06)
  • Apply basic communication skills (BSBCMM101A)
  • Use business technology (BSBWOR204A)
  • Plan skills development (BSBLED101A)
  • Participate in simple spoken interactions at work (FSKOCM03)
  • Use digital technology for routine workplace tasks (FSKDIG03)
  • Organise and complete daily work activities (BSBWOR202A)
  • Communicate in the workplace (BSBCMM201A)
  • Carry out basic workplace calculations (TLIE1005A)
  • Complete simple workplace formatted texts (FSKWTG05)

This course has no current classes. Please the waiting list.

The Pathways to employment and education adopts a learner centred approach where each individual’s needs are considered in the development of tailored, flexible activities designed to meet the identified personal learning needs.

Interested participants are encouraged to contact the Colleges Student Support Officer to facilitate enrolling into this course.
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