Provide Responsible Service of Alcohol (SITHFAB002)

Assessments are made against units of competency from the Certificate II in Hospitality SIT20316.
  • Provide responsible service of alcohol (SITHFAB002)

This course has no current classes. Please the waiting list.

This is the certification required by NSW leglislation to work in the sale, service and supply of alcohol.
If you have a current RSA certification from another state you may be eligable to do a bridging course and may not need to complete a full NSW RSA course. WRCC requires all students disclose prior interstate RSA training or certification before enrolment. Please read below for more information:
• from VIC: an RSA certificate or RSA refresher certificate issued within 3 years prior to the current date; or

• from ACT: a national RSA Statement of Attainment, a Unique Student Identifier (USI) transcript or RSA refresher certificate issued within 3 years prior to the current date; or• any other Australian state or territory: a national RSA Statement of Attainment or USI transcript issued 5 years prior to the current date.

If you have one of the above go to the online NSW RSA Bridging course offered by L&GNSW, if you seek an RSA endorsement on a NSW competency card.

If you hold a CURRENT NSW RSA/RCG COMPETENCY CARD issued from August 2011 this course is not a course to facilitate RSA/RCG RERESHER. For those who require an RSA/RCG refresher they are advised to contact Liquor and Gaming NSW (L & GNSW at as you will need receive specific link to complete the on-line refresher.

Course requirements
Participants need to bring with them to the course 100 points of original Identification as no photocopies will be accepted. You must advise WRCC upon enrolment of your FULL NAME (including middle name), CURRENT ADDRESS AND PHONE NUMBER as per your identification. If you do not supply this information, your certificate may need to be re-printed. An extra cost for re-printing applies in addition to the normal course cost.

Participants are required to ATTEND 15 MINUTES PRIOR TO CLASS COMMENCEMENT to complete relevant paperwork. If you are late, you will not be allowed into the class as attendance of set hours by L&GNSW is mandatory.
This course allows a 30 minute meal break and meals ARE NOT supplied by WRCC.

To qualify for employment in the hospitality industry, in the service of alcohol , a mandatory training course in the responsible service of alcohol is required. The course explains the legal responsibilities relating to the sale, supply and service of alcohol.

Course topics include:
■Legal requirements of the sale and service of alcohol in NSW
■Harm minimisation and duty of care
■Anticipating problems and managing patrons
■Assess and monitor the levels of intoxication of patrons
■Advise patrons on ‘standard drinks’ and the effects of alcohol

Results that can be expected from this course:
■Provide a range of options to assist customers to drink within appropriate limits
■Know the reasons for refusing service to intoxicated customers
■Skills to detect and prevent under-age drinking
■Refusing service to intoxicated customers
■Take responsibility action to assist intoxicated customers

Successful applicants will obtain approved certification from NSW Goverment Department of Industry- Liquor & Gaming ( interim certificate) . This course is also approved by the Liquor & Gaming NSW.
Note: If you still have a current RSA/RCG competency card but would prefer to do a full RSA/RCG course WRCC can facilitate this if a student declaration is completed. Please contact WRCC on 69645334 for more information on this process.