Master Artist - Amanda Hyatt (Watercolourist) Workshop beginers to advance

This course has no current classes. Please the waiting list.

Amanda is an “alla prima” artist, painting “at the first go”. She is instinctive and aims to create an expressive effect directly, immediately and spontaneously, to “ achieve the final look in one session”. This requires skilful manipulation of the brushes and the medium, working quickly, and with 30 years experience she is a master of alla prima watercolour.

She strives to create a sense of light and energy in her work which attracts the viewer via their immediate reaction to the play of tones, contrast of darks and lights, and her omission of unnecessary detail….making every brush stoke matter.

Through this workshop participants from beginners to advanced will be exposed to a range of techniques and a range of differeing appraoches to the creation of art works using watercolour as the medium.

For further details on Amanda’s career as a teacher and master artis vist

Materials you will need to bring to the workshop include a range colurs and brushes. Amanda suggests the following list. However, if unsure please contact WRCC Art Teacher Denis Forner 0427690009.

Materials list

Arches 300 g cold pressed medium or Saunders/Waterford 300 g sheets.

Colours include:

Ultramarine blue.
Cerulean blue.
Cobalt blue.
Cyan or Phthalo blue ( also could substitute Antwerp blue or Winsor blue).
Indian yellow.
Lemon Yellow.
Burnt Sienna.
Burnt Umber.
Quinacridone Gold.
Alizarin crimson.
Winsor violet.
White gouache.
Several sizes of each of the following:

Flat synthetics.
Round synthetics.
Fans ( oil painters bristle fans).

Lidded Palette.
Water container.
Hair dryer plus extension lead.
Two small towels.
6B graphite pencil.
Backing board at least a half sheet size.
Light-weight aluminum field easel ( optional).
Small hand mirror.
White eraser (not kneadable).